If you take the time to select the chicest of suits for your wardrobe, it is highly unlikely that you are oblivious to the significance of a well-made, classic men’s formal shoes. Apart from being a necessity, these shoes add a flair of panache to your entire outfit.

We couldn’t agree more with Christian Louboutin when he said, “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk”. Be it an interview, an evening party, or a meeting, all you need is the right pair for the right occasion. Handcrafted dress shoes have the power to make you look polished and suave. Just like suits, investing in high-end formal shoes gives you returns for the better part of your life. If maintained well, these shoes prove to be timeless in every aspect: fashion and durability.

We, at Bespoke Tailors, have curated a classic shoe guide for gentlemen of today. We have tried to cover all the categories of men’s shoes around which, the world of men’s footwear revolves. Take your pick with a modern design that matches your outfit the best!


Oxford Shoes

Emerging from Oxonians and acquiring their name from their history at Oxford University, Oxford shoes are by far the staple classic formal shoes that every man of class must own. The shoe has a minimalist design and features closed lacing that covers most part of your foot. From plain toe to cap toe, wing tip, brogued, and whole cut Oxfords, you will find varieties of these in the market. Best for everyday wear, Oxford shoes are mostly formal, but look dapper in a casual attire, if matched well.  

Derby Shoes 

Often confused with Oxford shoes, Derby shoes are best suited for a someone with a wide foot. The quarters of a Derby are sewn on top of the vamp, unlike an Oxford. Because of their open lacing, it is easier to open the flap wider for a comfortable fit. Although one can wear these at both, casual and formal occasions, yet they are considered less formal than an Oxford.  Add brogueing to these shoes and you can sport them with a bespoke suit at a business meeting, without second thoughts.


These are the best casual slip on shoes for men. Originally designed for King George VI as house slippers, loafers gained popularity among the lawyers and entrepreneurs of America for being comfortable and easy to wear. These look best with a casual attire, especially with denims and straight fit pants having the right size of the edge. Loafers feature an elevated seam at the toe and sometimes have tassels, metal or leather straps with a slit to heighten the style of the shoe.

Monk Strap Shoes

A Monk Strap shoe is Oxfords without laces. Instead of quarters, this style features a leather strap, buckled across the shoe. Considered to be highly versatile, these shoes complement a formal outfit as elegantly as a casual one. Crafted in leather and suede, Monk Strap shoes come in an attractive range of colors that go well with your ensemble.

Which one of these are your favorite picks? If you have any questions about what will suit your personality best, drop us a line. Keep an eye on this space for more tips and latest news in the men’s fashion and accessories world.


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